Commercial Roofing

Shield Your Business From the Outside Elements

Turn to us for commercial roof repair in Allen & Celina, TX

Do your employees have to scramble for buckets every time it rains? Leaks are more than just an occasional annoyance, they could result in costly damage and a loss of business. Get swift commercial roof repair from Tomahawk Construction and Roofing. We're a local leader in commercial roofing services throughout the Allen & Celina, TX area.

Our team has extensive experience installing, repairing and replacing TPO roofing. We'll perform a thorough inspection to locate damage and repair it with little disruption to your busy schedule.

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Know the signs of serious roof damage

Most TPO flat roofs will last about 20 years before they need a replacement. If you find yourself scheduling more and more repairs to keep your roof in peak condition, it's likely cheaper to set up a commercial roof replacement. A few other notable signs include:

Excessive pooling water
Large rips or tears
Rising energy costs
Water spots on your ceiling

Get a free estimate on commercial roof replacement today. Our rates are highly competitive in the Allen & Celina, TX area.