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Your roof is the first line of defense against damaging wind, rain and hail damage. You can’t afford to take a chance with inexperienced roofers or rushed roofing services. Tomahawk Construction and Roofing is a leading local roofing contractor with decades of experience. You can rely on us for roofing installation, roof repair or  roof replacement in Celina, Allen, Plano, TX. Our residential and commercial clients have turned to us for quality roofing services since 2008. Call 469-345-ROOF (7663) today to discuss your roofing needs with a local professional.

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Reasons Why It Is Important To Know When to Have your Roof Inspected

The roof is a vital component of any structure and without it, the building lied exposed to harsh elements. When the roofing system is compromised, it is possible that the very foundation of the building is at risk of damage. It is therefore important for periodic inspection of the roof carried out by professionals especially after a hailstorm to prevent this damage that can lead to expensive repairs. Sometimes, many homeowners do not carry out this inspection and they wait for signs of leakages before doing so.

This could be due to ignorance as they may not know the requirement for periodic roof checks. As the roof is open to the elements, the possibility of wear and tear is very high. The periodic inspections will check for any damage or weakness and have this addressed before it becomes a problem. The best times to have these inspections done are as follows:

Extreme weather episode

Climate change has introduced extreme weather that is not favorable to structure. Extreme heat, rain, cold, hail and other weather conditions have an effect on the roof considering it is open to the elements. Having a roof inspection after such episodes allows you to check for any damage that may have arisen from the elements. You can identify the damages and take corrective measures where necessary. 

Rainy and Winter seasons

A roof inspection prior to and after rainy and winter seasons is crucial for the extended life period of your roof. Prior inspections before these seasons ensure that the roof is ready for rain and snow. The inspections will check on the integrity of the roofing materials checking at seams and identifying leaks. Checking drainage and waterproofing of the roof is also important at this stage. The roofing company can take protective measures to keep the roof leak-proof.

Periodic checks for old roofs

Roofs installed more than 10 years back should get a periodic check. Old roofs have seen better days and may not be structurally sound as recently installed roofs. It is possible for such roofs to be quickly damaged and periodic checks are crucial to avoid calamity. With such inspections you can keep track of the roof and schedule roof replacement at the best time, avoiding total wear and tear before doing so.

Knowing when to have your roof inspected is therefore important for the following reasons:

You identify problem areas and deal with them before they become an issue

Roofing experts cannot emphasize this reason enough. Roof repairs can become expensive, especially where the damage may call for extensive repair or even replacement. Periodic inspections will help you deal with any weaknesses early enough. It does not necessarily have to proceed to the leaking stage for you to have the roof replaced. The right roofing company will know the signs to look for to identify the weak sections in absence of evident leaking.

You avoid emergency roof repairs and the expenses that come with it

With periodic checks, the roofing professionals fix the problems soon enough thus preventing situations where you would need emergency repairs. When a roof has a weakness that goes undetected, extreme weather, rain, or snow may cause extensive damage. Leakages that sprout during seasons make it hard for experts to access the roof and can become worse over time. Emergency roof repairs and associated costs, therefore, become avoidable with early detection of issues. 

You are confident of the strength of the roof at all times 

Periodic inspections give you peace of mind as you are aware of the state of the roof. When you do not know, you will be anxious during the spring or winter seasons as you just do not know what problem will crop up. With the inspections, you can plan well for roof maintenance at all times. You also have an idea of when to replace an old roof therefore financially prepared for this in advance.

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