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Trust the Roof Over Your Head

Rely on us for skilled roof repair and replacement in Allen & Celina, TX

Even the sturdiest home won't last long without a dependable roof to keep it safe and dry. If your roof is damaged, there's no time to waste. Minor leaks can turn into serious problems in a hurry. Trust the experts at Tomahawk Construction and Roofing for professional roof repair and replacement in Allen & Celina, TX.

We draw from decades of experience working with asphalt shingle, standing-seam metal and stone-coated steel roofing systems. Whether you have recent hail damage or an outdated roof that needs a modern replacement, you can count on us for roof repair services completed to the highest standards.

Call 469-345-ROOF (7633) today to learn more about our nationwide EMS work. Wherever natural disasters strike, we'll be there to help.

Choose superior roofing materials

Are you interested in an alternative to the traditional asphalt shingle roof? Schedule a metal roof replacement to take advantage of:

Extreme durability in any weather condition
Up to 70 years of protection
Resistance to wind, rain, fire and insects

A metal roof is one of the longest-lasting and reliable systems on the market. Reach out to Tomahawk Construction and Roofing today to discuss the metal roof replacement process.